Spoilers are often associated with sports cars, however they are often used for passenger vehicles as well. A spoiler minimizes drag and maximizes fuel efficiency. Some spoilers are installed to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and others serve for the styling purposes only due to their little aerodynamic benefit. So they are used as a decoration to give sporty look to a car.
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There are various types of spoilers depending upon the mouting location, material and application purposes. Front spoiler is positioned under the front bumper for reduction of lift and aerodynamic drag. This spoiler type is used for racing cars, but it is also very popular among drivers of high-powered vehicles. Lip spoilers come in rear and front variants. They deliver a subtle yet stylish accent to your vehicle. Rear roof wings bring racing-inspired presence and sporty look. If you want a spoiler that will look as a factory installed one, then an OEM style spoiler is exactly what you need. For a more expressive look, choose a custom spoiler. Designed to fit only your Cadillac, a custom spoiler adds personalized look that is easy to be recognized.
Spoilers are produced from durable, high quality materials such as polyurethane, fiberglass, ABS plastic, and carbon fiber. A huge variety of styles, materials, and finishes give an opportunity to select the variant that will match your Cadillac perfectly. All installation hardware and instructions come along with the spoiler to make the installation process quick and easy. Providing your Cadillac with a spoiler, you add exclusive appearance and improve its maneuverability.